Communities of Transformation (COT) is seeking volunteers who want to walk with those who are working hard to move from just surviving to thriving. There are several ways to volunteer at a local COT site including meal donor, kitchen volunteer, children’s volunteer, photographer and transportation provider. However, the most common way to volunteer at a local COT site is to work with Awaken Graduates as a Matched Volunteer.

Matched Volunteer

Matched Volunteers are the backbone of the COT community. They collectively create the supportive and nurturing atmosphere that is a key component of our program. They also work with Awaken Graduates in small groups. Every Matched Volunteer completes training so that they are comfortable with their role, understand their responsibilities, and are effective in their efforts.

Hear From Our Volunteers!

Benefits of Serving

- Friendships with a diverse group of people
- Training on how to do with, not for
- An opportunity to see firsthand the challenges of poverty
- A wider understanding of the local community
- Joy from sharing in the success of others in the program
- Learning life skills from guest speakers such as goal setting, budgeting, and healthy living
- Weekly meal and children’s program


- A desire to support those seeking to move from just surviving to thriving.
- Personal stability including a stable home, financial stability, and reliable transportation.
- A desire to treat volunteer service as a serious responsibility, including completing the required training
- A commitment to attending weekly community meetings, as regular attendance is critical in building strong relationships. (2.5 hours/week)
- A willingness to be patient and open-minded

Meal Donor

Each weekly COT meeting begins with a shared meal. This meal not only provides sustenance, but also provides opportunities for meaningful conversations. It is an integral part of a strong COT community. Are you part of a church, restaurant, civic group, or family who is interested in providing a meal? Donating a weekly meal is a good way for a new group / individual to experience COT. You are invited to help serve the food, eat with the community, and participate in the good news circle. You may prefer to drop off the food or have it delivered. 

Children’s Program Volunteer

The Children’s Program provides a practical solution to the childcare barrier that many COT members face to attend a meeting on a weeknight. However, this program is also intended to extend COT’s nurturing environment and holistic personal leadership development to children who attend with their caregivers. Volunteers work with a Children’s Program Coordinator to provide instruction and oversight to the children. Background checks and safety protocol training are required for all children’s volunteers.

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