Anita Watson

COT Evergreen Site Coordinator [email protected]

Initially, Anita was the site director for Brewton. She was also given the task of establishing the Evergreen Site. She is the only Site Director to have directed two sites simultaneously. She recruits, coordinates , educates volunteers and participants. She directs and sings in the Evergreen COT Community Choir, and also established and is the Director of the COT Community Garden. She was recruited by Laurel Blackwell and was inspired by Robert Lupton, author of Toxic Charity after hearing him speak. Having many years experience with working with diverse groups and having retired from a career in administration, leadership, and supervision, Laurel thought Anita would be a good fit and asset to COT. Anita also has an educational background with children as well as adults, as well as in music. In addition to her service to COT, Anita is the music, worship, and choir director for the Evergreen First United Methodist Church in Evergreen, Alabama. She serves on the DHR Board of Directors, Community Action advisor, and is active in her church, family, and community.

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